‘Triangle Clique’ release big record ‘In Chiwanna’

Is diminishing inclination of mood and prevailing boredom stimulations is your current outset?

Then congratulations! Engaging with us today will be the most promising decision you ever made being the justification for your mental satisfaction. “Triangle Clique”, the only name that will dominate your life through a flower path and is solely what we call universal prodigy which itself is the only present you will be needing.

Now embarking on the title “Triangle Clique”, they are a trio from New York city who founded themselves on the entity of awesomeness and redefining music. Magical Right?

Well we haven’t even initiated yet. But addressing the first query, who is “Triangle Clique”? For your knowledge, the answer is plainly talented, the solely correct response and why wouldn’t it be. Succeeding from New York to the stages of the world, the trio itself is encompassing of three brothers all of which are the characterization of competence and inspiration with songs like “chiwanna” that dwell in the psyche and souls of others leaving behind a permanent impression that can never be eliminated.

Lit beats to groove on and never lasting impression of marvelousness is the specialty of “Triangle Clique”, the music of whom is the instance of majestic universalness which renders everyone groove to the fire tracks and savage raps engraving in their disposition making them crave for more and more. Cool Right?

Well, their commitment to this lifelong love of music is what propels them truly worth listening and biasing as diversity in music is the essence of life. Not only that, with countless albums and tracks devoted to the fans and several more set to broadcast they clearly hinted the world that there not here to play games.

Popularity reveals the best in artist by unleashing the potential they have. Quite the perfect viewpoint for “Triangle Clique” who exhibited their popularity in pretence of the world at the time when Jim Reyes (with Diva Records) requested them to perform at club as people were vacating. Insane to think that an entity like Jim Reyes saw the potential in the trio that was about to set the world on fire by establishing new trends and aspirations to attain. Suppose, a club with a crowd of people and the unique sound infused with Hip Hop, Urban and Latino vibes. Literally nothing but a heaven. That’s the power of “Triangle Clique” who even before their debut created such a clamor among the industry who would state that “The bosses are coming”.

Growing up in a crime infested Elmhurst, these boys didn’t let destiny take over their path. Yet driving their own way but achieving recognitions such as performing in the venues including Latin Quarters, Calle Orange, Club Tabu, Roxy’s Night Club along with forming a record label “Triangle Clique LLC” with its own recording studio and reaching the target of 1000 tracks all from their blood and sweat, we cannot dare imagine the new possibilities these healers will create.