Unpacking the Layers of ‘Raised In The Shades’ by Some Distant Memory

In the ever-evolving world of lo-fi music, achieving raw authenticity is a feat not easily accomplished. Many artists strive for this genuine touch, but few manage to encapsulate the essence of raw, unfiltered sound. Some Distant Memory, however, is a project that stands out in this regard, offering a unique blend of shoegaze and electronic elements that captivate the listener. Their latest release, “Raised In The Shades,” epitomizes this blend, presenting a track that is both nostalgic and refreshingly innovative.

Some Distant Memory, a brainchild of Jasper Ian Albrecht, has its roots deep in the creative landscape of multimedia and gaming communities. Originating from the vibrant NORS MMORPG clan in the world of Runescape/Gielinor, the project has evolved significantly since its inception in 2011. Jasper, under the stage name Some Distant Memory, has built a rich tapestry of music and storytelling. The inclusion of fictional bandmates and characters like the Divine Baroness and Nora Lumwood adds layers of depth and intrigue to his work, making it a unique narrative experience.

In June 2023, Some Distant Memory released the first half of the album “Reflections,” which featured the standout track “Raised In The Shades.” This song is a testament to the project’s dedication to evolving its sound while maintaining a connection to its roots. “Raised In The Shades” initially began as a continuation of the minimalistic, midi-infused style seen in “Another One” from the Archetype album. However, it quickly grew into something more complex and vibrant. The track is characterized by its faster pace, less minimalistic approach, and the reintroduction of the signature sequencer that fans of the lo-fi trilogy will recognize.

The creation of “Raised In The Shades” was a collaborative effort that brought together various elements and contributors. Nora makes her vocal debut on this track, lending a fresh voice to the project. Additionally, members of the NORS gaming clan contributed clarinet notes and beatbox samples, adding unique textures to the song. The use of a thrift shop Chinese ‘Hin Hong’ keyboard for some of the shoegaze guitar tracks further enriches the sound, giving it a retro yet contemporary feel. These layers of instrumentation and the diverse contributions culminate in a track that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Lyrically, “Raised In The Shades” pays homage to the past while exploring new territories. The song includes references to iconic tracks like “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and features vocal impressions and speech synthesis to enhance its narrative. Jasper’s ability to blend these elements seamlessly showcases his versatility and commitment to creating a multi-dimensional listening experience. The song not only highlights Nora’s vocal talents but also paves the way for future tracks like “Beauty Untouched,” where her presence continues.

For those who haven’t yet delved into the world of Some Distant Memory, “Raised In The Shades” is the perfect entry point. Its intricate production, nostalgic undertones, and innovative approach make it a compelling listen. The track embodies the essence of lo-fi music while pushing the boundaries of the genre, offering something truly unique for both new listeners and long-time fans.

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