Breaking Societal Chains: SAVARRE’s ‘Unbeautiful’

In a society where physical appearance often dictates worth, SAVARRE’s “Unbeautiful” emerges as a powerful counter-narrative. Released in January 2020 via XIII Records, this track challenges the superficial standards governing our beauty perceptions. The song delves into the dichotomy between societal expectations and true freedom, urging listeners to find liberation in their authentic selves rather than conforming to arbitrary ideals. The genre spectra rock aptly encapsulates the song’s atmospheric intensity and profound message, merging edgy rock elements with vivid storytelling.

Unbeautiful” is a poignant exploration of inner turmoil and self-acceptance. The lyrics, penned by Shannon Denise Evans and Dylan Glatthorn, evoke a raw, unfiltered emotion that resonates deeply. The opening lines, “Bring the Shaman—I think I’m ill. / Summon the Seer—for I am blind,” set a tone of existential questioning and spiritual seeking. These metaphors hint at a desire to break free from the shackles of external judgment and find clarity and healing within. The recurring plea for guidance from various archetypes—the Cleric, the Counselor, the Dreamer, the Liar—highlights the multifaceted struggle of reconciling one’s inner reality with outer perceptions.

The chorus powerfully declares, “You’re unbeautiful, but you’re free. / You’re unbeautiful, your face so unkind. / You’re unbeautiful, and you’ll always be, / Two steps ahead, while this ‘pretty’ falls behind.” These lines encapsulate the song’s core message: true freedom lies not in conforming to societal beauty standards but in embracing one’s authentic self, flaws and all. The lyrics also touch on the pain inflicted by these standards, as evidenced in the verse, “Little girls, they hear it right, / Lie-n-wait on dusty beds. / All the whispers that come at night, / Won’t drown the slivers in their heads . . .” This haunting imagery underscores the long-lasting impact of societal judgments on young minds, revealing a cycle of internalized negativity and the struggle for self-acceptance.

SAVARRE, fronted by the multifaceted Shannon Denise Evans, stands out not only for its musical prowess but also for its commitment to storytelling. Evans, a singer, songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist, infuses every creation with her distinct narrative voice. Her collaboration with Dylan Glatthorn, who also contributes additional vocals, results in a rich, textural soundscape that complements the song’s lyrical depth. The band’s lineup, featuring Paul Maddison on guitar, Jeff Koch on bass, and Andy Rinn Martinek on drums, synth, and programming, delivers a cohesive and compelling performance.

Unbeautiful” is a manifesto of self-liberation. As the music pulses with an unvarnished authenticity, it encourages a collective introspection about the pressures of conforming to superficial standards. For those seeking a powerful anthem, “Unbeautiful” is a must-listen.