Like Tears for Fears said “You Can Change”, Embrace the Change in the new world with the beautiful melodic voice of ‘Caroline Grace’ as you ‘Open Your Mind’

14-year-old Caroline Grace is reminding the world, and other kids her age, that we have to come together to make the change we want to see in the world with her debut release, Open Your Mind. The 8th grader from Cincinnati, Ohio is sharing her first original song along with a powerful music video that advocates for equality and urges listeners to do what is right during these divisive times.

Produced and co-written by recording artist Alex Angelo, Open Your Mind is a sweet melodic ballad that is meant to inspire and spread positivity. Caroline shares, “I was inspired to write this song when COVID-19 hit the US and I started seeing it diving groups of people. Instead of trying to come together to work on this problem that affected all of us, there was a lot of blame and judgment. Then, when the attention shifted to racism in this country, I saw even more divide. This continued with PRIDE month in June.

The idea behind this single was to accept other people for who they are, come together and make a change. Instead of bringing others down, we need to raise each other up and come together.” As the song concludes, Caroline sings, “I know I’m young but life is not that long, and I’m old enough to know when something’s wrong.”

Caroline Grace is a stellar example of the youth using their voices for change, and she hopes this song will encourage other kids to do the same. Caroline’s passion for music, and her innocent desire for a better world, has caught the attention of people across the country. Her sweet voice, insightful lyrics and catchy tunes belie her commitment to social justice. She’s part of a new generation of musicians who want to use their voices to spread messages of hope and possibility.


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