EDM ROCK FUSIONS: Toxsick Shares Sonic Evolution with New Single “Lose It All” featuring Andrew Thomas

Recording artist, songwriter, and all around musician, Toxsick, is no newcomer to the music industry.

Having been playing and performing for as long as he can remember in a traditional rock band, the multi-faceted artist is showing an evolution in his sound with his newest single Lose It All featuring Andrew Thomas.

On his new sound, he shares, “I have always preferred a wide variety of music. I need really cared about “genre.” I make music that I like and that means something to me. I’m still trying to paint the same pictures, I’m just using a different brush.”

Toxsick’s emotive and pristine vocals sit atop a smooth and dynamic production that creates a unique soundscape and launches you into a world of your own. In his own words, “I imagine an intense euphoric feeling, like floating in water.”

As the song progresses and the lyrical message begins to unfold, you find that the song is about working towards that one thing you want more than anything else in life. Toxsick says, “ I wrote the lyrics with the idea that ‘you’ is a metaphor for the thing or things that mean the most to us in life. Everyone has something in their life that they cannot live without. Whether that is a person, a goal, a dream, or something as simple as hope. We have something that makes the journey more meaningful. It is something that we all truly have in common”

Lose It All is available on all streaming platforms.

Lose It All Cover Art